Corey Porter (born in Queens, NY), also known under his stage name C.Porter is a rap artist making major noise in the underground world. He is best known for his single “Black in America” which he raps about not only racial profiling but also ignorance among black people. Corey Porter has released two mixtapes 2009’s “The Collections Vol.1 and “Verses from the Book Of Fire”.
The rap world is at a crossroads in the light of shrinking budgets, music executives rest on its laurels to find the next YouTube sensation with catchy hooks and dance moves to collect digital singles sales, while many artists have tried to break through in spite of an industry melt few have been met with critical praise and applause for those who have not been high enough to swing in the current rap market.  Porter looks to excel where his contemporaries have failed. The  New York native  gives promise of a new day in hip hop

Raised by his mother in Poughkeepsie NY, until his mother married, Corey Porter’s hometown of Poughkeepsie would give a lot of sights and experiences that would shape his sound. Porter fell into rapping at 12 years when his brother heard him raping his first written verse through his locked room door and took him to rap for all the neiborhood kids. “I would have never had the confidence to do what my brother made me do” Porter recalls.  He was connected directly, from there he dug deep into the music of hip hop celebrities like Tupac Shakur and Nas,  and Biggie took away a love for telling stories. With unbridled rigor Seizing every opportunity to get signed at  age 15 C. Porter found himself with composition notebooks full of rhymes, but no beats of his own to put them on. But soon as local producers heard what Porter had to say everybody wanted to produce him.

Porter now  prepares to leave a mark on hip-hop that can never be erased. “I just want to be heard… point blank period! I have what it takes to be successful in this industry and I thank God in advance for the label that discovers my talent.” The industry will never be the same the day we see Corey Porter touch the Mainstream.
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