Friday, August 5, 2011

New Music!!!: Wu-Block (Featuring The LOX, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah) Prod. by RZA

Crazy hot track!!! Shouts to Tone on the reference......

"For those not in the know, Wu Tang and D-Block have recently joined forces to conjure up a collaborative “Wu-Block” album. The title track from said album has now made it’s way online and features verses from Jadakiss, Styles P., Sheek Louch, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. The legendary RZA provides the soundtrack for this long-awaited hook up so put your favorite headphones in and enjoy." - via The Koalition

New Music!!!: Wu-Block FT. The LOX, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah

Crazy hot track!!! Shouts to Tone on the reference......

"For those not in the know, Wu Tang and D-Block have recently joined forces to conjure up a collaborative “Wu-Block” album. The title track from said album has now made it’s way online and features verses from Jadakiss, Styles P., Sheek Louch, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. The legendary RZA provides the soundtrack for this long-awaited hook up so put your favorite headphones in and enjoy." - via The Koalition

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The Maybach Music Group got together in Philly to film the video for Meek Millz summer hit "I'm a Boss". Checkout all the Philly Soldiers that came out for the event

New Music!!!: Chris Brown 'Boy In Detention' (Full Free Mixtape Download)

Dude actually got some bars on this release......

"Chris Brown moves pretty quickly. After dropping a few random rap-centric tracks in the past year, he announced and delivered a full-on hip-hop mixtape, Boy In Detention, in less than a month. It features production and guest verses/hooks from some pretty impressive names, too. We're talking David Banner, 9th Wonder, Tha Bizness, No I.D., J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and Big K.R.I.T. (!), all of whom provided beats for the singer-turnt-rapper-who-is-still-a-singer. And in terms of guest features, singer Se7en makes a shitload of appearances along with Kevin McCall, Swizz Beatz, K.R.I.T., Wiz Khalifa, and Tyga." Read More - via PrefixMag


Justin Bieber Raps On Chris Brown's Newest Mixtape

Might actually surprise us....

"Justin Bieber issued a proud declaration from his Twitter page: "SHAWTY MANE!! I'M BACK!" Bieber, whose MC name is Shawty Mane, appears on Chris Brown's Boy in Detention mixtape rapping on the track "Ladies Love Me."

Brown dropped the mixtape just in time for the weekend on his website, and the Bieber track samples Brown's "Look at Me Now." It was produced by David Banner.

Breezy shows off his signature bad-boy swagger, rapping about all his riches. "My bad/ I'm sorry/ I'm double-parked/ Yeah, that's my Bugatti/ And that's my Ferrari/ Next to my Ducati," he raps. "Man, my house so big take the escalator to the elevator/ Take the elevator to the private and then I jet," goes another verse.

The pals swap verses with the funky beat from "Look at Me Now" behind them. Bieber shows off his own lover-boy swag with lyrics like, "Baby, I'm your doctor/ I could be your rocker/ Swaggin', I'm not braggin' but I swear that I could rock ya, baby/ I'm not crazy/ I got swag like Patrick Swayze." Bieber and Brown were spotted in the studio last month, and many fans were wondering what they were up to. This release marks Brown's first-ever rap mixtape release. In addition to Bieber, it features appearances from Tyga, Dawn Richard, Wiz Khalifa, Swizz Beatz and Kevin McCall, to name a few." - read more - via MTV

Mr. Bean Released from Hospital After UK Car Crash

The name is Bean... Mr. Bean ....

"Mr. Bean" actor Rowan Atkinson, whose character is known for hapless driving in the television shows and films, left a hospital Friday after being treated for minor injuries following a sports car crash in southern England.

The 56-year-old comedian was driving his McLaren F1 supercar — one of the world's fastest road cars — when he crashed late Thursday, striking a tree and a lamppost before the vehicle caught fire, authorities said.

Firefighters said Atkinson hadn't been trapped inside the car. Britain's Daily Mirror tabloid reported that the actor was able to walk away from the vehicle and flag down other motorists for help.
Atkinson was seen leaving Peterborough City Hospital with four security guards Friday afternoon, but made no comment to reporters. Publicists did not disclose details of his injuries." - read more - via AP


Charlie Sheen's Charater Killed Off on 'Two and a Half Men'


"Two and a Half Men has been set up in for Charlie Sheen's funeral, and has the first photos.

There's no coffin or urn, but Sheen's character Charlie Harper's trademark bowling shirt is on display surrounded by elaborate flowers.

The episode will air on Sept. 19, the day after the Emmys. Ashton Kutcher will fill in for Sheen.

CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler wouldn't reveal details of the funeral, but did say earlier this week at TCA that "programming standards and practices team is already on high alert.”

Kutcher will be playing a broken-hearted Internet billionaire named Walden Schmidt. Chuck Lorre created the character.

At the first table read on Monday you could "cut the air with the knife," Tassler said, referring to the pressure on the cast to continue the ratings of the show, and the adjustment with a new star." - read more - via HollywoodReporter

Special-ed Teacher Accused of Texting Nude Photos and Sexin' Student


"A teacher has bonded out of jail after she was arrested for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

Miami Police arrested 29-year-old Waleska Velasquez on three counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, Thursday morning. Valasquez has since bonded out of jail.

According to police, Velasquez, a special education teacher at Miami Jackson Senior High School, stands accused of having an unlawful sexual relationship with one of her students while lavishing him with cash and gifts from 2009 to 2010. The 29-year-old woman also sent texts to the teenager with pictures of herself nude and in lingerie, police said. The boy is now 17 years old. He was 16 when the relationship supposedly began.

Miami Police opened the investigation after the Department of Children and Families received a tip on their hotline. Police said the special education teacher admitted to having an inappropriate relationship.
"When you send your child to school, you're going on the assumption that these adults are there to take care of your children," said Sarah Deben, a concerned parent, "so they've already broken the trust that every parent has placed on the teacher."

"Well, obviously the adult knows more, they should be able to make wise decisions, but again the children need to be taught as well how to defend themselves," said another concerned parent" - read more - via WSVN

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Obama!!!: 50 and Still the Youngest Candidate in the Campaign

"In every general election campaign he has waged, Barack Obama has been the youngest contender on the ballot. He turns 50 tomorrow (8/4/11) and the streak appears safe.

In the 2012 presidential campaign, Obama is likely to still be the youngest candidate in the field as all of the Republican challengers who have announced a bid for their party’s nomination are older than he is.
As he did in 2008, when national exit polls showed him winning 66 percent of voters under age 30, Obama probably will try to make his age an asset when he runs for re-election.

“For all of his youth, he’s grayer and his wrinkles are deeper,” said Bruce Buchanan, a presidential scholar at the University of Texas at Austin. “Given the rigors of that job, youth can be an advantage.”
Obama is celebrating his birthday tonight, a day in advance, in his adopted hometown of Chicago with a campaign fundraiser that will feature fellow Chicagoans jazz pianist Herbie Hancock and singer Jennifer Hudson." - read more - via Bloomberg

Again???: Virginia Tech On Lockdown After Gunman Siting

"Virginia Tech officials tell students on their website to stay inside and secure doors because of a report of a person with a gun in the area.

The alert, issued at 9:37 a.m., said the person with a gun had been spotted near Dietrick Hall, a dining area.

Dietrick, a three-story, 93,000-square-foot dining center, also houses a convenience store, laundry area and central bake shop, the Richmond Times-Dispatch notes.

Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., was the scene of shooting rampage in April 2007 that left 32 people dead and 25 wounded.

The Associated Press says the dining hall is steps away from where the 2007 shooting occurred.
Update at 11:23 a.m. ET: Amanda Huchler, a student on campus, tells USA TODAY's Rachel Roubein that she is among students locked in Hahn Hall. "The professor is still teaching," she says. "Everyone is calm, and no one seems worried. Tech is doing a great job of keeping everyone safe and secure."

Update at 11:12 a.m. ET: Larry Hincker, assistant vice president of university relations, says the report was called in by three students attending a camp called "Higher Achievement." He says there are a number of camps held during the sumer at the school, some lasting a few days, others longer. Asked about the status of the alert, Hincker says, "The alert is in effect until further notice. We are asking people to stay indoors until they hear from us again."" - read more - via USAToday

R.I.P: Bubba Smith Found Dead at Home

"Former NFL defensive end and longtime television and movie actor Charles Aaron "Bubba" Smith was found dead in his Los Angeles home on Wednesday. Coroner's reports have not yet been released, but according to the Los Angeles Times, it is believed that Smith died of natural causes.

Smith attended Michigan State, where he was one of the most dominant collegiate defensive linemen of all time. He won All-America honors in 1965 and 1966, and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1988.

Selected first overall in the 1967 NFL draft by the Baltimore Colts, Smith soon became, along with Deacon Jones, one of the first truly modern-style pass-rushers and sack artists. He played long before sacks were first tabulated as an official NFL statistic in 1982, but he was known from the start of his professional career to be nearly impossible to block." - read more - via Yahoo Sports

Charles Aaron, bubba smith, death, Michigan State, NFL, found dead

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Help!!!: Somali Famine Spreads Further (video)

Please Help where you can......

"The United Nations declared a famine in three more regions of Somalia on Wednesday.
The capital of Mogadishu, the Afgoye corridor outside of the capital, and the Middle Shabelle region all now qualify has having famine conditions, bringing the total number of areas in Somalia up to five.

On July 20, the U.N. confirmed outright famine conditions in the Lower Shabelle and southern Bakool regions. Famine can be determined when "at least 20 percent of households in an area face extreme food shortages with a limited ability to cope; acute malnutrition rates exceed 30 percent; and the death rate exceeds two persons per day per 10,000 persons," according to the U.N.

The famine in Somalia stems from a number of causes, most noticeably a massive and long lasting drought in the Horn of Africa, which has all but halted agriculture in the region. Somalia doesn't have the economic or political infrastructure to provide imported food for all of its people, and the powerful rebel group al-Shabaab has highjacked aid missions, leaving millions starving across the country." read more - via IBTimes 


MLB Has Questions About A-Rod's Starlight Poker Games

"Major League Baseball is starting to shine a brighter light on Alex Rodriguez's alleged participation in illegal high-stakes poker games, and the commissioner's office intends to bring in Rodriguez for questioning on the matter.

"We take this very seriously and have been investigating this matter since the initial allegation. As part of the investigation, the Commissioner's Office will interview Mr. Rodriguez," MLB spokesman Pat Courtney said.
Baseball sources say it's possible that Rodriguez's' participation in the games could lead to a suspension, if it is determined that he was actually present.

According to the initial report in Star Magazine, Rodriguez played in two games at a Beverly Hills mansion in 2009, where drugs were used and a fight nearly broke out after one player lost more than a half-million dollars.

Commissioner Bud Selig has spoken with Rodriguez before about his playing in the games, which have allegedly included other celebrities from sport and screen.

When the allegations first came to light a month ago, Rodriguez said that he would address it at the proper time, if needed. That time may be coming. Rodriguez could not be reached for comment Wednesday, but he arrives at the Yankees' complex in Tampa Thursday to take the next step in his rehab from knee surgery." - read more - via The Wall Street Journal


They Trying to Kill Us?!?!: 36 MILLION Pounds of Ground Turkey Recalled

"Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation announced Wednesday an immediate voluntary recall of approximately 36 million pounds of ground turkey meat because it may be contaminated with salmonella bacteria.

Cargill's plant in Springdale, Arkansas, processed the fresh and frozen ground turkey products between February 20 and August 2, the company said in a news release.

Federal health authorities said Tuesday that an outbreak of Salmonella Heidelberg that has killed one person and sickened 76 others in 26 states appears to have been traced to ground turkey products.

The company said it has suspended production of ground turkey products at the processing facility until it can determine the source of the bacteria strain.

Other turkey products from Springdale are not affected by the recall. Nor are products from Cargill's three other turkey processing facilities in the United States." - read more - via CNN


Pat Buchanan Downplays Calling President Obama "Boy"

"Pat Buchanan refused to apologize Wednesday for yet another racially-loaded statement, this time referring to the President as "your boy" to Al Sharpton.

"Some folks took what I said as some kind of a slur," Buchanan said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."
"None was meant, none was intended, none was delivered."

The night before, on an MSNBC show guest-hosted by the mouthy New York civil rights activist, Buchanan riled Sharpton during an argument about the politics of taxes.

"Your boy, Barack Obama, caved..." Buchanan started to say.

Sharpton reared back.

"My what?" he said. "My president, Barack Obama? What did you say?"

"He's your boy in the ring," Buchanan said, chuckling at Sharpton's anger.

"He's nobody's boy," Sharpton shot back.  "He's your president, and he's our president, and that's what y'all don't get through your head."

The video quickly went viral, caroming around the Internet and prompting petitions demanding MSNBC, which pays Buchanan as an on-air political analyst, to fire Buchanan." - Read more via - Daily News