Thursday, August 4, 2011

Again???: Virginia Tech On Lockdown After Gunman Siting

"Virginia Tech officials tell students on their website to stay inside and secure doors because of a report of a person with a gun in the area.

The alert, issued at 9:37 a.m., said the person with a gun had been spotted near Dietrick Hall, a dining area.

Dietrick, a three-story, 93,000-square-foot dining center, also houses a convenience store, laundry area and central bake shop, the Richmond Times-Dispatch notes.

Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., was the scene of shooting rampage in April 2007 that left 32 people dead and 25 wounded.

The Associated Press says the dining hall is steps away from where the 2007 shooting occurred.
Update at 11:23 a.m. ET: Amanda Huchler, a student on campus, tells USA TODAY's Rachel Roubein that she is among students locked in Hahn Hall. "The professor is still teaching," she says. "Everyone is calm, and no one seems worried. Tech is doing a great job of keeping everyone safe and secure."

Update at 11:12 a.m. ET: Larry Hincker, assistant vice president of university relations, says the report was called in by three students attending a camp called "Higher Achievement." He says there are a number of camps held during the sumer at the school, some lasting a few days, others longer. Asked about the status of the alert, Hincker says, "The alert is in effect until further notice. We are asking people to stay indoors until they hear from us again."" - read more - via USAToday

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