Friday, April 15, 2011


A 66-year-old woman unloading groceries in her garage on Ballantine Lane in Kings Point was pushed into her car and stripped of her wedding ring Wednesday. 
The thief then jumped into a waiting car and sped off. Just last week in neighboring Great Neck, a 38-year-old women was attacked by two Hispanic men while she too was unloading groceries. The men covered her head and face as they yanked off her diamond engagement ring.
This comes in the aftermath of a string of frightening home invasions in the area.  The Great Neck intruder hasn't struck since a home surveillance camera caught him sneaking through a snowy back yard last January in Kings Point. The predator, whose DNA matched that of a man with a violent past, was breaking into homes in the middle of the night approaching and touching sleeping children.  He seems to have vanished and local police believe he has either fled the state or is lying low.

"It was very scary for some people especially for the people who live up on the north end of town." said Lysa Bailey

Just as things were starting to calm down in this north shore community, comes at least two new criminals are terrorizing women as they come home from the supermarket.

"This is mid-day and this is one, or two people relieving victims of jewelry they saw on the victims hands." said Nassau Police Detective Lieutenant Kevin Smith.

While disturbing, many women in this community are used to looking over their shoulders.

"When I enter my home I'm pretty well protected I have my remote I know we live in a dangerous world." said Joan who didn't want to give her last name.

"Police don't really have a good description of the thugs because they approach from behind.

Anyone with information is urged to call police at 1-800-244-TIPS

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  1. With all the taxes we pay in Great Neck, there should be more cops patrolling and securing out neighberhood! All these thugs are now focusing their attacks here bc they know they can get away with it since the home invader, Marivin, got away after his numerous house invasions!