Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lauren Hill Pregnancy Denied by Accused Father/Husband

"This past weekend, Lauryn Hill announced the exciting news that she was pregnant with her sixth child, however, the announcement took a dramatic turn on twitter last night, when Rohan Marley logged on to set the record straight. According to Rohan, who Lauryn Hill referred to as her husband, he is not nor was ever married to Lauryn Hill and he isn’t expecting anything.

After Hip Hop Wired tweeted a link to their story about Lauryn Hill being pregnant, Rohan replied to them,
“2 things, I’m not married and I don’t have anyone expecting anything.
Britni Daniels, an editor for Clutch magazine, then asked him:
“so we are clear: You’re not married to your ex-wife OR Lauryn, and 2) she’s not preggo w/ your child, but someone else’s?
Rohan responded:
“That’s correct, until I say out of my mouth to the contrary. Trust me the info out there has been so incorrect for so many years. “
This came as a surprise to most who believed Lauryn was still with the man who fathered her previous five children, however just a few days ago Hip Hop Detroit reported that Rohan is still legally married to the mother of his two other children and estranged wife Geraldine Khawly, a report that music journalist and television personality Toure documented for Rolling Stone magazine back in 2003. Back then, Toure wrote about Lauryn Hill’s soap opera like romances between Wyclef and Rohan and also reported that Lauryn found out that Rohan had a wife after she had her first child." - read more - via NicholeBitchie

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