Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who You?!: Arenas Sues Ex Over Basketball Wives Los Angeles

These chicks are not even still married to these dudes, so what the hell are they claiming the title "wife" for?????????

"Has a reality TV show ever inspired more lawsuits than Basketball Wives? Miami Heat's Chris Bosh famously filed a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis to prevent her from appearing on Season 3 of Basketball Wives. Royce Reed, former Miami Heat dancer and current cast member of Basketball Wives, was sued by ex Dwight Howard after her appearance on the show violated a gag order.

Now that the show has spread west for Basketball Wives: Los Angeles, its sordid history of litigation is lurking in its shadows. Orlando Magic's Gilbert Arenas is suing the show's production company as well as Laura Govan, his ex and mother of his four children, for trademark infringement, false advertising, misappropriation of his likeness and publicity rights, and unfair competition. As it turns out, rich, famous, talented people don't like it when you mooch off of their celebrity and try to make a buck for yourself." - read more - via Miami NewTimes

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