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Orlando (CNN) -- The release date for Casey Anthony has been rescheduled for July 17, not July 13 as originally planned, Florida's Orange County Corrections said in a statement late Thursday.
The new date is a result of "a detailed recalculation of the projected release date," according the statement from Allen Moore, the department's public information officer. The statement gave no details on how the extra days were calculated.
Earlier Thursday, Judge Belvin Perry sentenced Anthony to four years in jail -- one year for each of her four convictions of lying to police -- but with credit for the approximately three years already served and good behavior, leaving her with six days left to serve. The corrections department's recalculation put that remainder at 10 days.
Denying a defense motion to reduce the four counts to a single conviction, Perry gave Anthony the maximum jail time he could by ruling that the four years be served consecutively.
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He also fined her $1,000 for each count. Court papers show she is also ordered to pay court costs and fees totalling just over $600.
"I don't know how free she's going to be (but) she's going to be out a cage," defense attorney Cheney Mason told InSession soon after sentencing. "I doubt there's any place in this country that she could walk the streets freely."
Mason said that he fears for Anthony's safety, and that measures are being taken to protect her. She will undoubtedly get counseling going forward, he said, adding that offers to help have poured in from across the country.
"I think she wants to get away from all this and try to find some way to start a life," said Mason. READ FULL ARTICLE

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