Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Music Video!!!: Sade "Love Is Found" (Video)

She will go on forever........

"Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Britney have cluttered the TD Garden with mock subway cars, candy-cane catwalks and silly circus rings. Sade’s not that tacky.

At last night’s show, Sade returned to Boston for the first time in a decade with an elegant, minimalist stage, a perfect match for the music of the most unlikely arena headliner this season.

Sade Adu and her band, augmented to an eight-piece, rose slowly out of the dark stage in matching black pounding out the martial beat of “Soldier of Love.” Without seizure-inducing strobes or a clownish, cartoon set, the band let the hypnotic hooks do the work.

Simple delivers with Sade. A smile, a hip shake, a melody -— when they’re as cool “Your Love Is King,” “Paradise” or “The Sweetest Taboo” — excites a crowd of 10,000 plus. It also helps that the 52-year-old Adu’s looks and voice still stun.

And those who think Sade is all smooth jazz and cooing whispers missed the building fury and sublime catharsis of “Is It a Crime” (complete with a scorching blitz of Telecaster blues)." - read more - via Boston Herald

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