Saturday, April 30, 2011

African-American Mayors You Haven’t Heard About Yet

Michael Coleman

Columbus is home to Mayor Coleman, a Democrat bent on whipping the city into greener and more business-friendly shape. An Obama supporter, lawyer and father of three, Coleman has held the post since 2000.  A champion of neighborhood rehabilitation efforts, he’s overseen the construction of several LEED-certified buildings in the city.  He’s also the Mary Poppins of gang abolishment, having tallied nearly 600 arrests in a six-year period (with the help of the police, of course).

Kevin Johnson

Serving as Sacramento’s first black mayor, Johnson is also a former professional basketball player — a three-time NBA All-Star to be exact.  Johnson’s fame seasoned his 2008 election campaign  – he won with nearly 58 percent of the popular vote in a runoff — and subsequent incumbency.  As mayor, he’s focused on business development and improving public education.  In 1989, Johnson started a program called the St. Hope Academy which focuses on arts, education and civic leadership.  Although accused of sexual misconduct during the 2008 election, charges against Johnson were never filed.  He keeps company with high-profile political leaders, President Obama included.

Mia Love

Not only is she the first woman elected mayor of Saratoga Springs, Love made history by being the first black woman elected mayor in the entire state.  Only the third mayor of the city of less 20,000 residents, her election in 2008 introduced a voice eager to promote business development and eradicate joblessness in Utah.  

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