Monday, April 4, 2011


STARSOFREALITY.COM- "Kirstie Alley falls on Dancing with the Stars": We bet that's the headline Kirstie hoped she would never see when she signed up for Dancing with the Stars.
But sadly, Kirstie did fall during tonight's show. It happened when her partner Maks seemed to have a muscle strain. "My thigh just gave out...I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry," he said after the dance. "It has nothing to do with her," the dancer explained.
Kirstie's fall happened during the first moments of a beautifully-choreographed Rumba routine that was supposed to capture how the actress felt when she faced the tragedy of her mother's death in a car accident right before getting her first movie role.
After Maks stumbled and Kirstie fell, the team kept going and finished the routine. But Maks seemed to be grimacing in pain throughout the dance.
Despite the stumble, Kirstie and Maks earned three sevens. Tell us who you're voting for tonight in our poll and share your thoughts on Kirstie's fall in the comments.

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  1. I want to say to anyone who has the nerve to say anything about kirstie Alley's weight and the fall tonight, to go jump off a bridge. She has been put through the ringer about her weight, and it is BULLSHIT! I understand what that is like to be really thin, and then gain weight. People have no idea, I used to be one of those people like 'they could do something about it', and yes I am trying, but you have no idea how hard it can be. Food can be a powerful addiction such as alcohol or drugs. I know if I have a piece of chocolate it makes me crave more.
    Some people aren't naturally thin, and that is life. Kirstie is a beautiful woman and I think it is horrible that people are already putting up pages making fun of her! If you are really that much of a loser that you need to put a woman down about her weight, then my friend it is you that people should be making a website about, talking about what a big doucher you are! She had an excellent dance and has done amazing all the weeks before.
    All the haters can STFU!