Saturday, May 7, 2011

21-year-old 'Shoots 3 Women After Fight Girlfriend

A 21-year-old boy has been charged with the murder of three women after he allegedly shot them while driving in his car following a furious row with his girlfriend.

Jacob Gonzalez, from Corpus Christi in Texas, is said to have fled from the crime scene with his gun after he smashed his car into a pole on a busy highway but was caught by a bystander who tackled him to the ground.
Police believe the young man, who proudly put up pictures of himself on a social networking site holding a handgun, was 'sent into a rage' after having an argument with his girlfriend.

In pictures posted on Facebook, Gonzalez can be seen proudly showing off a silver handgun.
In one the alleged murderer points the gun directly at the camera and in another he poses with his girlfriend and the lethal weapon.

Gonzalez had also written an update on his profile, that read: 'Wish I was dead. So lonely I trusted her to keep me moven n lyfe. Bye everybody im killing maself luv u boo so depressed.'

Michelle Valdez, a close friend of one of the victims, Virginia Rodela, rushed to the scene minutes after the shooting and saw her slumped over the steering wheel.

She told Kiii News: 'It was just crazy. I just wanted to run and grab her, and hold her for the last time.'" - Read more:

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