Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Front-runner Alert: Lil Wayne and Friends Party With the Mavs

Everyone loves a winner…and the sweet smell of success intoxicated some of the Miami Heat’s celebrity fans on Sunday night. Lil Wayne and Birdman are seasons ticket holders who cheer on the Heat from their prime courtside seats. Birdman even bet $2million dollars (allegedly) on the Heat to win this year’s NBA Championship. But it was the Dallas Mavericks who won 105-95 in Miami, sending Lebron off to the lockers to sulk, Chris Bosh to the tunnel to sob, and Dwayne Wade to congratulate the winners with class.

After the game, Dallas’ MVP Dirk Nowitski, owner Mark Cuban, and friends went to Miami’s infamous megaclub, Liv at the Fountainbleu Hotel, to celebrate with the same partyers who wink at, high-five with, and glom booze off of local Heat players any other day. Is it scandalous to see Lil Wayne hugging Dallas’ trophy or grinning with Dirk? Do you think he owes it to his current hometown to be less excited?
Let’s revisit that Rolling Stone feature, where Weezy said:

“[Lebron and Dwayne] never speak to a n—a…They don’t chuck me the deuce or nothing. N—a spent all that money on them fucking tickets … Come holla at me. We sit right by them little bitch-ass n—-s. At least come ask me why I’m not rooting for you.”

In the end, Wayne is just a sports fan. And Club Liv is a business (which some Miami natives say is just an overpriced tourist trap). read more - via MissInfo

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